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CAD and Manufacturing

We are equipped with Lectra and Vetigraph CAD/CAM systems for maximum efficiency in every stage in the process:

  • Pattern making or digitalization
  • Pattern grading
  • Pattern layout
  • Trace printing

Product development

Based on stylist specifications, our technical team develops the complete terms of reference needed for purchasing (specifying the required fabrics, accessories and labour) and for the manufacturing process (technical specifications).
Our prototype workshop develops the first sample and prototypes until the collection or pre-production model is approved before starting the production process.
texar_dimatex_0A.jpg texar_dimatex_03.jpg texar_dimatex_0B.jpg texar_dimatex_08.jpg texar_dimatex_11.jpg texar_dimatex_12.jpg texar_dimatex_01.jpg texar_dimatex_04.jpg texar_dimatex_06.jpg texar_dimatex_05.jpg texar_dimatex_02.jpg texar_dimatex_09.jpg texar_dimatex_10.jpg texar_dimatex_13.jpg texar_dimatex_07.jpg
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